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Sloooowly Adding Those Pesky Affiliates

Well my travel insurance site is well and truly on its way. Just have to write a few articles, try and find a few more insurance affiliates for US and Canadian backpackers (which I am having a surprisingly hard time doing… it seems to me like the online insurance market is far more developed for UK residents), and design a logo of some kind. That site is very affiliate-oriented so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes. I think it will be difficult to get traffic to it because of competition but hopefully it will be useful for people and will catch on.

I’ve also added a lonely affiliate link to Amazon on one of my sites. At the moment it links directly to’s sales page for the book but I have plans to link it to a page on my site where there will be a review and then out to Amazon. Will also add more books but I’ve never really had much success with Amazon in the past. Does anyone really make any money with it?

Plus tonight I’ll be adding The Beer Belly to my Van Tour page. I’ve got another party site in the works too so I think this is a good fit and am interested to see how it goes. All small potatoes though since this site doesn’t get any traffic until the beginning of the summer!

Will keep you posted.