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Productivity when you work with someone else

OK if it was not for the fact that I have someone sitting here with me working away I would probably not be writing this now. I am not sure what I would be doing but it’s a sunny 23 degrees outside and I live near a beach!

For the last month I have had someone work along side me. The work they have done is excellent and I am very pleased with the way it has gone. What is especially pleasing is that my own productivity levels have increased and I fear that when I go back to working alone they will slide again! I cannot really afford to continually employ someone yet.

I may have the additional incentive of quite a severe downturn in earnings over the last week and quite a big drop in traffic as well.

My earnings report are now a part of history as far as this blog goes. Too many friends, housemates etc now look at the site mainly due to this blog’s exposure on Facebook. I have got to the point where I don’t want to shout my salary from the rooftops.

However, I will be monthly reporting in the Forum so people that are really interested can still find earnings details there.