Phi Phi Islands re-visited


Yesterday we spent the day on a boat snorkelling off the Island of Ko Phi Phi and a few hours onshore. Phi Phi is notorious for the film ‘The Beach’ and of course the devastating 2004 tsunami that swept much of it away.
I visited Phi Phi two years before the events of Boxing Day 2004 and it has certainly changed (you could argue for better or worse). The Island is certainly moving up market.
How much of this money will actually benefit the locals who suffered most is anyone’s guess. Developers on the other hand appear to be making the most of the clear canvas.
.It is nearly month end and earnings report time. I have not done any figures so far but I reckon I might just be down on Feb. Yes that’s right – no record earnings! I think it will be close though. For some reason everything has gone crazy the last few days which is good.