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Peace found in Ubud (and proper cheese)

Anyone who has been to Bali will tell you that Ubud is a pretty relaxed place to hang out. You still get the odd bit of hassle but it is less intense.

In fact Ubud would be a very good place for a Working Nomad to hang out. There is cheap wireless Internet available, some great food, nice mix of expats & locals and lively enough not to be dull. My bungalow is huge as well. For $10 I have a split studio and two bedrooms!

I could n’t stay here too long because of the pull of the ocean. We are only 30kms at most from the sea but with Bali’s traffic it is no quick journey (took nearly 2 hours to get here!)

One thing I miss from home is cheese. I actually had some proper cheddar cheese today and it was awesome! A real treat after months of that ubiquitous processed stuff they have in Asia.

I did spot some proper cheese in a supermarket before but it was over three times the normal western price!

Well after a very quiet week things are looking up on the web site front. I have found a nice cafe here where I can work well and enjoy their lovely gado-godo!