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Free Wi-Fi in Asia

Had an email the other regarding free wi-fi in Asia. For anyone who is n’t familiar with the term ‘wi-fi’ it is basically wireless broadband and can be found at various places such as airports, coffee bars etc. You basically rock up and logon to the network and you have free broadband speed Internet connection… Read More »Free Wi-Fi in Asia

Update from Bali

Just a quick update to say that I have n’t done too much work yet since I arrived last Tuesday. This is largely due to meeting some people I know and drinking too much of the local brew Arak! It is such a nice change to be somewhere where the pace of life is slow.… Read More »Update from Bali

Greetings from Bali

The Working Nomad adventure has begun. Well it is actually on hold for a few days. I will be neither working nor will I be nomadic as I will be have a bit of a holiday, catch a few waves and generally chill out. The Bali tourist industry has obviously felt the impact of the… Read More »Greetings from Bali

I’m on my way.

I am about to leave for London now and will be flying off in the morning for Kuala Lumpur. I have a 5 hour wait at KL and will arrive in Bali at 6pm on Tuesday, local time. Might be a day or two before I update the blog.