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One month to go in NZ

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I am heading to Australia next month to meet up with my family who are flying out for a two week break and Iron man contest on the East coast. So that leaves me one more month in NZ.

I am finding that some hostels are really condusive to working on my laptop. I am not sure what it is but I recently stayed in one at Fox Glacier Village and quite happily worked away for two days.

The place I am at here in Queenstown is different. There is ample electricity points and tables. The atmosphere is nice and relaxed as well but I have been finding it hard to get down to anything.

Things are going pretty well this month on the earnings front. I might not be matching the previous month but while I am spending less than I am earning then I’m happy!

That brings me on to what I am doing next. I am about to start the Routeburn Track, one of New Zealand’s so called ‘Great Walks’ which is a three day hike.

Although the hut fees were quite high these walks are generally great for saving money and I need it after the activities I have been doing here…