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Off around the Island in a few days

Watches Sir?My plan had been to spend most of my last month in Kuta surfing, chilling by the beach and watching the World Cup but like so many that visit this part of the world I feel the need to get the hell out!

Kuta is famous for it’s hawkers and generally the vibe is good natured. They are after all just trying to make a living in a tough country. However they have been chipping away at me over the last few days and I need some peace and serenity!

I think the lack of tourists (Aussies in particular) is driving these people to new heights in the art of hassling! Apart from that the place is awash with large groups of beer swilling Europeans here for the World Cup and the place is slowing turning into a resort on the Med. Not really my scene anymore!

So I am heading up to Ubud for a few days escape.