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My Niche Experiment

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Well Ive started yet another project. I know Id said I would focus on finishing my current sites and adding affiliate programs to them but, lets face it, Im crap. And thats boring stuff anyways!

My latest project will be interesting in more ways than just how much money it might make me. Its an extremely niche idea that focuses on a particular event, in a particular city, aimed at a particular nationality of a particular age range probably with pretty similar interests.

The event is only one day out of the year which has me wondering if it will be worth it so itll be interesting to see if it pays off. Id guess that a minimum of 10,000 people would actually participate in the event with lots of other interest generated and another general audience than isn’t targeted beyond being in the same city but there would be possible interest from them year round depending on how I structure the site.

There are currently no other sites dealing with this event and my a site comes up first for Google in the major keywords so Id be able to For more information see type link at the bottom which would pretty much ensure that most people who search on Google will eventually make it to the site, whether it ranks high itself or not.

So after this long-winded load of bollocks I guess what Im trying to say is that Ive got a really niche market and I wont have an problems attracting them to my new site and am excited to see what can really be done with a niche market.

This is the type of thing where merchandise would hopefully sell well so I will be pushing some stuff and will spend some time coming up with clever designs and slogans. A guy from work is on board and says he has some cracking ideas so I will probably flog his designs as well and go 50/50 on the profits. But you rarely hear about Café Press when people talk about making money online so I’m pretty curious to see how it goes.

I have my doubts as well about whether I’d be able to attract any advertisers (that aren’t non-Adsense or affiliate related). I think that because the market is very targeted there would normally be some interest in reaching it but because the event is only for a day and there’d be a huge peak and drop in traffic I just don’t know.

So Im looking at this as my little niche experiment. I know that the site will be useful, will generate a decent amount of traffic (the related page on my site had around 300 visits per day over a short period of time), and will reach a pretty targeted audience. What Ill be able to do with this is anybodys guess.

Anybody have any guesses about what the event might be? Once I get the site up and running in a couple of weeks Ill post a link and will be in search of plenty of feedback!