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My Current Gadget Setup – Ultralight Digital Nomad

On the back of a previous post about going ultra light, I thought I would post more detail of exactly what I am carrying now. My Samung 13″ laptop is now in storage in the UK and I don’t expect it to ever leave England again e.g. it is now in retirement.

So lets start off with the main item, my new Samsung Tab A 2016. It was purchased in Spain for EUR 199 from the department store, El Corte Ingles. Surprisingly it was EUR 25 cheaper than buying it on Amazon from the UK, which is always the cheapest for me!

So I originally bought a book cover style stand to go with the tablet, but to be honest I don’t find them very useful due to restricted number of viewing angles. They also tend to be quite heavy too. This lead me to purchase this very simple laptop stand…

The next newly purchased gadget is my foldable Jetech keyboard, which I have to say is pretty awesome, now that I have got use to it. It is quite a small keyboard and won’t be great for everyone, but I like it!

Next I bought a simple wireless mouse and an OTG cable to allow me to connect the mouse not using bluetooth. To be honest this is just a temporary measure, as I will eventually buy a bluetooth mouse, but in the mean time, this will do.

So that’s my main working setup.

In additon I use my Samsung S5 Neo to blog from, as well as being my personal phone too. I have owned the S2 (stolen off my person in Bali!), the S3 and now the S5 neo. This should last e around 2 years and has 128 GB microSD card (as does my Tablet). I also carry a backup of all my data on 4 x 64GB MicroSD cards, as well as backing up online of course (with Dropbox, Evernote and Drive).

And these are the MicroSD cards I usually buy…

The great thing with my setup is that everything is powered using USB so I don’t have to carry individual leads. I will simply buy a double USB power plug like the one below, for the country I am visiting. I also carry a 3 metre lead and a 1 metre lead so I can charge two devices at once.

I always carry a portable charger with me too. This is my current one from Anker (pic below). It’s a little on the heavy side and I will probably change it for a lighter model at some point soon. It’s 13000 mAH so charges my phone four times and tablet twice.

Finally my entertainment gadgets. I always carry a Kindle as I read an awful lot and I am big into my music, so having good sound is important. The little Anker speaker has been totally awesome and if you place it on a wooden surface, then you can really hear the base. I love it!

As always, always ensure you have taken out appropriate travel or medical insurance if heading overseas.