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Mind your language

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Back in Madrid now after a superb week at Valdelavilla, the abanded Spanish village where I have lived in isolation with 40 English and Spanish speakers. It is quite a culture shock being back in a large city now.

We are all pretty exhausted. Most nights were late affairs in the bar and the English teaching schedule was very intense during the day. It was hard enough for us English speakers let alone the Spaniards who were having to get to grip with a new language!

The more the Spaniards drank the better their English became.

The people were cool and we had a great mix of ages and personalities. It was a shame when we all had to say goodbye yesterday but at least I am able to hang out with a few of the Anglos before leaving Madrid on Monday.

After some persuasion I did a presentation on the Working Nomad idea which seemed to go down well. The word is getting out and anyone who reads the magazine from the States will read about WN as well this month.</post_content>