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Making money and your own Working Nomad blog

I am toying with the idea of letting people run their own blogs within the WN site. It would be based on WordPress and full training and marketing advice would be given (where needed).

There would be a link from the WN home page to your blog giving you excellent exposure.

Here are a few other benefits.

– Your blog would go straight into the search engines
– You will have a major place in the WN community
– All money made from your blog will go back to you
– You will be part of the 166,474 th most successful site on the planet – You are getting technical and marketing support from the one and only Webby!

Sounds too good to be true? Well it is n’t. My long term goal for this site is to make it a true community site. We have made a good start with the Forum and comments on the blogs but I want to move it up a gear and you will be helping me as well.

All I ask in return is that your blog sits within the theme of this site. Being a working nomad, whether it is with a laptop or a paintbrush (I met an artist the other day who is also a WN). Even if you are planning to be a working nomad that’s fine. After all I started this site before I became a WN. about it on the WN Forum if you have any specific questions.

Here is an example – Anna’s Painting and Travelling Blog

If you are interested email me at and we can discuss the finer points.