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Long haul travel on the cheap!

If you are a long term traveller or digital nomad with time on your hands then flying the around the World does not have to be expensive if you are prepared to be flexible with dates and destinations.

I recently flew from Sydney to London via Hawaii, Vegas, Mexico, Munich and Budapest on the cheap with mainly no-frills airlines.

Here is a breakdown of what I paid (prices in Pound Sterling)

Sydney to Honolulu via Auckland £200 with Air New Zealand
Honolulu to Las Vegas £90 with Allegiant Air
Las Vegas to Cancun £80 with United
Cancun to Munich £150 with Air Berlin
Munich to Budapest £20 (overland with DB trains)
Budapest to London Stansted £30 with Ryanair

Total = £570 (AUD $1050)

Had I booked a direct flight from London to Sydney I would have paid well over £900 when I left in January and I wouldn’t have got to see Hawaii and Mexico too!

I used skyscanner and google flights for most of my flight searching. Don’t like to admit it but I find Google flights better than Skyscanner as it’s easier to find cheaper fares at alternative airports nearby.

For instance it’s possible to search up to five airports from one country to five airports from another! Just supposing you were wanting a cheap flight to Dominican Republic you can enter the five nearest airports to you and then search the five main airports on the DR and Google will return the cheapest combinations.

Of course you need to be flexible if you really want to get the cheapest long haul fare but when you are travelling for months rather than weeks it’s normally no issue and travelling overland in most countries in the World is easy these days.