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Where you can live short term for $600 a month

Cheap Places to Live

Updated for 2020

$600 and lets be honest here, it’s not much to live on for one month. Indeed it would be easy to burn through this in a week, even in cheaper countries. In expensive places like London, NY, Tokyo, Sydney, your measly $600 would not go very far at all.

Well despite governments trying to do everything they can to create inflation, it is still possible to live in many places for so little a month. I am here to introduce you to a few of them.

A lot of other sites and articles make claims about living in xyz for $1000 or less, but behind the headlines lie facts that it is assumed you are in long term accommodation. Now usually you have to put a big deposit for such places, which is often ignored by the writer, and certainly in some countries, you may never see that deposit again!

So my guide will make the following assumptions.

– A least a private room that can be booked online, and that needs no deposit, e.g hotels, guesthouses or hostels (not shared rooms!). We are looking at short term here, e.g. being able to book on a night to night basis.

– Travel costs to the destination is not included. If you cannot afford to get there, then you are probably not a digital nomad or traveller!

– Food, I will try and be accurate based on three meals per day, at medium cost restaurants, so no street food laced with MSG or expensive restaurants either.

It is still possible to live on less than $600 per month!

– I am looking at destinations that are suitable for digital nomads and have the required infrastructure e.g. wifi widely available, 4G mobile network, wide variety of accommodation, tourist infrastructure with some home comforts.

– It is assumed you have some sort of medical or long stay travel insurance cover in place. Getting ill or having an accident somewhere that’s away from home could blow your budget sky high!

The cheapest destinations in the World

Merida, Mexico for Digital Nomads

Mexico has seen pretty steep inflation but it is still possible to live a good life there on minimal money. If you were to teach English in Mexico, youd probably be on about $1000 a month, and there are plenty of tefls there doing just that.

On currently a room at Hostal La Ermita is available for $8 a night, so that’s $240 a month, plus food at $300 makes it only $540 a month total! Beer is only $2 a go so happy days!

Bali, Indonesia for Digital Nomads

Bali has seen a huge increase in popularity over the last few years and with this popularity has come higher inflation. It certainly is not as ceap as it once was! That said, in Ubub you can still find a really nice double room in a guesthouse (I am currently paying USD 18 a night for an awesome room with a balcony overlooking rice fields!) for under USD 20 a night, eat very nice food for under USD 10 a day (you can go cheaper!).

Currently on you can find private rooms for $9 a night at Taman Dewangga House! That means with food you could be looking at $600 a month!

Siem Reap, Cambodia for Digital Nomads

If you avoid the high season you can easily get by on way less than $1000 a month somewhere like Siem Reap or Kampot. I’d avoid Sihanookville because it’s pretty seedy and a lot of harm seems to come to expats there!

A nice room can be had for less than $10 a night in Siem Reap and eating out is very afforable, it would be easy to eat under $10 a day! That makes it possible to live on $600 a month.

Currently on you can find a double room at Tan Kimlong Guesthouse for $7 meaning a monthly rent on a day to day basis would be only $220 for the month plus $300 for food, that’s almost half of our monthly budget!


Danang, Vietnam for Digital Nomads

Danang is a real up and coming place to hang out and work in Southeast Asia. You are not too far from the World Heritage site of Hoi An and there are daily flights to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Looking at you can easily find a nice double room at Huong Hoa Guesthouse for $8 a night, so that’s a potential monthly stay of only $540 month with meals! That leaves quite a few dollars for heap Vietnamese beers!


Chiang Mai, Thailand for Digital Nomads

The capital city of the Digital Nomad world! I would maybe say the self proclaimed DN capital of the world, but pretty much every digital nomads would say the same.

Thailand has of course been the darling on the long term traveler for many years now and costs have gone up a lot in recent years. On islands like Koh Phi Phi it’s more common for backpackers to stay in shared dorms than have their own room. If you do bag a cheap room then it will probably be a hell hole.

Luckily Chiang Mai is way more affordable. A room at Puily’s Guesthouse in the old town can be had for $7, that’s $240 a month plus food means you still have $60 to play with!

Bansko, Bulgaria for Digital Nomads

$650 a month in Europe? You’ve got to be kidding me! No, not kidding, it’s possible in a few places, even in busy old July!

Bansko is better known as ski resort but with some world class hiking, it’s also known as a summer resort too. There are a couple of co-working places cropping up and lots of cheap places to eat.

So looking at next week (Mid July 2017) it is possible to find a room on for $11 a night at Hotel Michel. That would be $341 for the month plus a food allowance of $250 bringing you in just under $600.

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Lviv, Ukraine for Digital Nomads

The Ukraine might not be the first place that springs to mind as a working remotely location, but let me tell you this, it’s well and truly up and coming in nomad circles.

Lviv has a very European feel and has a typical old town too. It’s a lively place with lots of affordable restaurants and places to work from, such as coffee shops.

Next week it is possible to get a room for $8 a night at the Hostel Iskra, that means a month would cost only $248! Your $10 a day food expenses will o a long way in the Ukraine too.