What I’ve been reading and watching

What I’ve been reading and watching

I am constantly consuming all sorts of good and not so good stuff online when I should be writing, editing, being productive, working, doing stuff etc etc!

But hey not all this time was wasted and I am going to regularly list some of the great online content I have uncovered from around the web which relates to digital nomads and living location independently.

So here we go, here is a rundown of some of the best stuff from last month, in no particularly order of course!


From Geektime.com – “If you feel coworking is something you’d like to explore, here’s a list of world’s top five coworking spots you can visit for free”


From the BBC – excellent documentary on modern day nomadic groups in the USA. It’s a long video but worth watching and if you are a true nomad I am sure you’ll relate like I did!



From Cody Mckibben – “Get the secrets that will make you successful in the coming Entrepreneurship Economy! Learn how you can make a few simple but drastic changes in your life to leverage Geo-Arbitrage, build your own online business, and live and work anywhere in the world. “


From Lifehacker –  Finding clients as a freelancer “When you decide to pursue freelance work, you might not have a clue how to actually find clients. But if you start with research and ask businesses what they look for in freelancers, as well as ask your peers for advice, your network will begin to grow and you’ll already know what clients are looking for.”



From USA TODAY – Typical mainstream article of the working nomad lifestyle “Some frequent business travelers never return home and live full-time in hotels. Such a life has its challenges but also many advantages, they say….”



From Sara Rosso – “I wanted to share some of my own reflections, lessons, and scenes of working for a startup with an entirely distributed team for the past four years, in no particular order.” 



From Tech in Asia – “You can work anywhere you have Internet, right? So, why are you still here?” was the question that hit Pieter Levels on the head and changed his life. At that point of time, he and his friends had just graduated from university, and Levels was already going crazy from the humdrum of working life in Amsterdam.”


From The Wireless Generation – What we’re all about!


From Almost Fearless – “ I wanted to put this together for a while, and I am hoping you guys will help me add things I might have missed. Digital nomading is simple — you travel around a lot and you somehow make a living, usually because you do your job remotely, via the internet. “



Hope you enjoyed reading and watching this stuff as much as I did!