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July Earnings – A Month of Records!

Well I should start off by saying that anything I report on in the rest of this post pretty much pales in comparison to Anthony’s remarkable $10,000 month but it’s been a month of records for me as well on a smaller scale. My total earnings came in at just under $930 which is a record month. Considering I was still floating around the $100 per month range about 7 months ago I’m extremely pleased. Plus things seem to be pretty consistent month to month which is very important to me since I’ll be heading off travelling soonish and don’t want my earnings to suddenly drop back down too drastically.

Inspired by Anthony’s pie graph, here’s a chart of my own:

July 2007 Earnings

Affiliates earned me a lot more than I thought they did but seeing this graph it’s obvious how much of an impact they can have. I really need to explore this area more because at the moment I’m relying on one main program with most others only delivering a few dollars per month if I’m lucky.

I broke $200 for the first time in Adsense coming in at just under $250. I also had my first $20 day so that’s something to work towards now that I know it can be done.

I sold a few more links with Text Link Ads but my three Linkworth Advertisers cancelled so any new income from TLA was cancelled out by losing Linkworth. I’ve lowered my Linkworth price to see if I can get some back.

A major reason for my success this month is my Living in London site which I gave a huge overhaul to. I added loads of content and I think it’s filled a gap in a market that I know really well and can write about easily. It’s already getting soom good traffic even though I have yet to go on a link building crusade.

So I’m really pleased with myself, I have to say! My goal for this month is to overhaul another old site and attempt to break the $1000 barrier. August is off to a fantastic start – I’ve managed to earn nearly $100 – so I’m hoping the month carries on that way!