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January Earnings Update

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Hey guys,

I’ve been offline for the past week and a bit but I’m back and have managed to work out my earnings for January. I may have already posted this stuff to the forum but I might as well stick it up here as well just to keep better track of things.

My grand total for January was $600 almost right on. I made most of my money through Adsense and link sales which is a bit of a worry since link sales tend not to be sustainable (most links I sold were yearly) and Adsense can be a bit volatile at times. Linkworth made me $35 for the month and I’d like to increase this as I see it as a steady, reliable source of income. I’ve been doubting affiliate programs for months now but have finally seen some results which is encouraging. Cafepress also did well for me but as the event is over I don’t expect any sales in February.

I’m happy with the diversity of my income sources and will continue to be on the lookout for affiliate programs, especially for travel insurance for Americans and Canadians which so far I’ve had no luck with. I plan to promote my travel insurance site with Adwords and I’ll let you know how that goes. I’ve been encouraged by Cafepres which I was expecting nothing from and will put some effort into designing shirts for another event-oriented site which will start to get some good traffic in the next month or so.

So far in February Adsense seems to be on track but I’m not expecting much income from link sales. I haven’t had much time to work on my sites this month ( a typical excuse!) so I’m anxious to see how they do, especially the affiliate programs. I’ll keep you all posted.

On another note, I’m probably going to be breaking away from posting a blog to this site as I’m planning on starting my own. Nothing fancy or in competition with WN but I figure if I’m taking the time to make blog posts, it might as well be on a site of my own so I can reap any rewards. Not sure when my last post here will be but I’ll let you know and if Webby allows it I’ll post a link.