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It’s me against all of them

PoolThe surf has been pretty flat in Bali but it is blue skies all the way now. I have been hanging out on the beach playing chess with my buddies from Sumatra.

Whenever I play it is me against 10 of them! They think it is perfectly acceptable to help each other when we play. I told them that I only want to play one at a time but soon as they spot something (like a dangerous move) they all go mad! The boys can’t help themselves.

The e-book selling is going quite well at the moment so thanks to everyone who has purchased it. I was thinking the other day it was over-priced. I mean you would n’t pay £9 for a normal book?

Then I remembered the effort I put in to it so I have decided to keep it at £9. Please let me know if you were one of the original people who emailed for it for free. I have all the emails still so I will know if you were one of them