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It was all going so well

This month was set to be a record for my Internet earnings but the last three days have been a big disappointment. Traditionally Tuesday and Wednesday are my strongest days for web earnings so I am a little surprised about this!

One thing you must shy away from is panicking if things like this happen. You should always look at the bigger picture. I will still be near my £1500 for this month which is acceptable.

I am back in KL for a few days before heading back to Bali for my final few weeks. I am beginning to formulate some plans for the summer in Europe now. I will be going back to Ipswich (thanks Mum!) initially and then we will see from there.

If you have been following the you will have seen the about a possible trip around Europe. I am looking at getting some company sponsorship for this trip and this will be my focus over the next few weeks.

There is no going back to some dull office in London for me. That chapter of my life has finished. This way of working has left me very excited about the future.

I am off now to buy my ticket home.