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If you are looking for some serious inspiraton…

Then you may wish to check out this post below from WebmasterWorld. The guy is quite legitimate and shows what can be achieved. Anyone serious about an online career should read this one carefully as there are some real gems of info.

<a href="" target="_blank">How I made a million in 3 months (from web sites)</a>

I have had a great surfing session today in Torquay, one of the homes of world surfing. It has been a pretty memorable week down the Great Ocean Road! Some pictures will follow.

I am off back to Melbourne tomorrow to drop off the car and then head to the Commonwealth Games for three days. I was heading out to an Irish pub for Paddy’s Day but I am pretty tired after all the driving and surfing. I have also splashed out and staying in my own caravan for one night so I am going to stay in and make full use of the peace and quiet!