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I Wish I Were a Proper Geek

You know my life would be so much easier if I would have stuck with computer science in university instead of jumping ship once I discovered it actually took lots of hard work and I couldn’t stay out drinking 6 nights a week.

I’m feeling really frustrated these days and it’s nothing to do with my income or running out of ideas. It’s actually the opposite – too many ideas! I’ve got all kinds of grand plans for sites running through my head and not enough tech savvy to pull them off.

I’m finding it quite hard to strike up a balance between working on my sites and working on myself – ie. educating myself in CSS, PHP, mySQL, Google Maps and all those things that will make the web publishing game much easier in the future. But when I sit down and dedicate my time to learning something new I wonder if it will pay off as much as I think it will.

Adding to my frustration is my wifi connection at home. It’s gone a bit haywire and I’ not sure what the deal is. It sounds like it’s my wifi card but I just wish I knew more about these sorts of things. I think I wrote a post in my early days saying that you don’t have to be a huge computer nerd to be able to publish successful websites, but I think it would help!

I think I might leave the other tech things I mentioned for awhile and concentrate on learning CSS as I’ve avoided it for far too long now and not knowing it really causes headaches when I want to alter WordPress templates.