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How much is your site worth to advertisers?

I have a steady stream of enquiries now regarding direct advertising on my sites. This is all good but I often find myself not knowing where to pitch my rates.

I have been thinking for a while about creating a rate card for individual sites. I am wondering whether any of you guys have adopted this strategy?

So how do you value your site? I guess the value must be derived from these factors…

– How many impressions do you get on the page?
– What is your market and what is the value of the keywords?
– How large is the advertising space?

So one of my challenges is to come up with some sort of guide for how much you should be charging an advertiser.

I believe a lot of folk who are new to this game are giving away advertising space at well under the market value, simply because they are afraid to ask for more.

If anyone else has a guide they use for calculating rates then I’d be interested in taking a peek.