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Here’s a little tip for you – Check out MSN Spaces

Before I start I’d just like to say Happy Birthday Mum! I’ll be calling you a little later…

So I have a tip for you guys struggling to get your sites noticed and it involves using MSN and their ‘Spaces’.

I heard on the grapevine this week that if you register a space and submit it to search engines it could appear in the indexes pretty quickly for the keywords you use within the space. There is no promise of a high placement but it is probably worth a go.

What you do with the space is up to you but you could put some affiliate links on there or links to your web sites.

The reason your space might get high up in the search engines is that MSN is obviously an authority site with a high ranking and you are in effect creating a sub domain within this.

Like I said there is no guarantee this technique will work but it has to be worth a go. You have nothing to lose apart from the 15 mins to set up the site, add a few links and submit it to the search engines.

If you are completely new to web sites this could be your way in to owning one and building your empire.

Some might say this is a bit spammy and I don’t want to encourage people down this route but I see no issue providing you make the space useful for your visitor.

Don’t just put lots of links on there. Get some useful information on board and help people out. If you are helping out other folk you are not spamming.