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Helping others to get started with websites

Do you have an idea for a business, website or new product?

I’ve always enjoyed helping people with their online ideas, businesses or web projects. In the past I have tended to do this on a casual basis but this got me thinking. If I enjoy something that genuinely helps others then why not package it up and make a product out of it?

My initial offering to friends and followers

If I am going to help launch someone’s business or website then I would like a little help from my friends. This might be sharing a page I have designed on social media or recommending me on Linkedin. I am not going to be asking for much and certainly not your money.

I will now explain what I can do now to help you launch a website.

You may have an idea for a site or maybe a product / service that will require a website. It doesn’t really matter as the process will be the same.

The offer to you is technical advice and guidance which should take you from the idea stage right through to having a live website. I am not going to do the work for you because you’ll won’t learn much this way.

Still interested? Then read on.

The process – from an idea to an online presence

I will be happy to join your journey at any stage. Even if you don’t have any ideas but would like to have an online presence, make  money online or launch a new business.

If you have an existing website or product then that’s fine too. You may have a website but are struggling to attract visitors. I am willing to help too (but no promises!).

I will assume we are starting from nothing. Here are the stages (and some evidence that I know what I am talking about).

  • Coming up with an idea based on your interests and passions
  • Looking at how to make money from your website idea or product
  • Branding and coming up with a unique name
  • Registering your domain name, finding a web host and installing WordPress. If you don’t want to commit any money at this stage then I’d recommend starting on the free WordPress platform. You can easily move your site to your own domain name and alternative hosting at some future date.
  • Choosing a theme for your WordPress site. This can be a free one or paid.
  • Setting up WordPress so it’s secure, easy to use, good for SEO (search engine optimisation) and so forth. This will be done by installing a number of free plug-ins that I have positive experience with.
  • Recommending a newsletter plugin and ways to capture email addresses.
  • Setting up apps on your smart phone to help run and add content to your site
  • Giving advice on content, blog posts and website organisation / navigation
  • Suggesting ways to make money from your website (even if your site is to primarily  promote  your own product)
  • Adding your site to the Google Web console. This is where you can analyse your site traffic, see how people arrive at your site, ensure your site is properly indexed by Google and a load of other analytical things! There is gold in your website stats.
  • Getting all your social media in place e.g. Facebook page, Instagram, Youtube & Twitter accounts
  • Recommending Web 2.0 and other online platforms where you can create further web presence to support your main site or product

There might be more stages that I can help with but the processes I have laid out above are the ones I follow when I launch a new website.

How will this assistance work in practice?

I rarely help people with their websites face to face due to my nomadic nature. It’s very easy these days to everything online using Whatsapp, Skype, emails etc

This sounds too good to be true

Yes it probably does.

So let me be straight with you. Launching any new product or service, particularly in the competitive online arena is very tough. I have tried and failed in the past but I am taking a new  approach this time.

Your personal recommendations will help elevate me above the millions of others trying to compete in the online consulting space.

It’s also about good karma and I believe that helping others usually goes full circle.

I’m still interested. Where where do I sign up?

Just drop me an email at the address below and tell me what your ideas are (I won’t steal them!). You can message me on Twitter or Facebook too.

There is always a chance I might be inundated with requests so you may need to bear with me. I am pretty good a juggling projects so this shouldn’t be an issue.

I am not going to make any promises to you in terms of what I can help you deliver. Your success is going to be down to your long term drive and determination.

It took me a good while to make income from websites and it’s no walk in the park. I think many people have great ideas but they never get beyond the idea stage.

I believe having some kind of mentor will help you to take action.

It really is all about taking action.


Koh Lanta, Thailand, 2007