Hello from a hot and humid Melbourne

Well I arrived early this morning from New Zealand and boy is it hot here! I thought Melbourne was going to have a cooler climate this time of year. It is like being back in the tropics again after New Zealand.

Well I have already decided Melbourne is my favourite Aussie city (better than Sydney, Brisbane or Darwin anyway). It is very lively, the Victorian Sunday market kicks ass and I love those European style trams!

I am going to stick around in the city for a few days to get my bearings before heading off down the Great Ocean Road to (in a hire car) Torquay for the Surf museum and the famous Bells Beach (famous if you like surfing!). I am then going to go on to Apollo Bay before heading back for the Commonwealth Games.

Two of my main web sites have taken a hit in the latest Google shake up so I am not expecting this month to be a record. This is always the danger when you rely on natural search engine results for web site traffic. I guess I’ll just have to try and learn from it.