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Habla Inglais

My next European destination is the city of San Sebastian on the north coast of Spain. I am off their for a few days surfing before I embark on a week’s English teaching (of sorts) at a Pueblo Ingles in Northern Spain.

Some of you this side of the Atlantic may have seen this place Basically you throw 20 Spaniards together with 20 native English speakers for a week, ply them with red wine and food and just talk in English! We get a free holiday and the Spanish get the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new langauage (and pay for it!).

It will be a nice change of environment and get me away from my keyboard! So I am working extra hard at the moment and I need to because I have had a poor start to August. In fact every month seems to start off slow for some reason. Don’t know if this is a wider Internet trend?

Finally, for those of you who might be interested I have uploaded a video of me on my day at the highest railway station in Europe, the Jungfraujoch.

The video is quite amusing as you can see I become increasingly jaded with the whole day and constantly fed up with all the crowds of people!