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Greetings from a whinging pom


Well the Melbourne Games are well under way now and had my first day at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (and what a ground!). It was such a relief to watch the games in the flesh, un-edited and away from the ridiculously biased local TV station!

Yes I am going to have a whinge here. In the UK the BBC or whoever does a fine job of presenting sporting events and the coverage is generally fair across all nations.

Not in Australia! You would think they were the only competing country at the games. I take the point that they are the strongest nation but to cut straight away from events when they lose, only show Aussies when they win and basically be oblivious to the fact that a hell of a lot of people in Australia are not bloody Aussies!

Maybe it is because in England the coverage is so unbiased to the point of being over the top. Perhaps this same thing happens in America and China when they broadcast events. Anyway whinge over.

The picture is from the Great Ocean Road and one of the tweleve Apostles (there are only nine now as they keep falling in the sea).

My web sites are ticking away ok this month. One of my major earners is now receiving only 10 visitors a day now so I have rapidly replaced it with a similar site that will hopefully take it’s place in the search engine listings.

Just read this in the local Melbourne paper so maybe I am not such a whinger…

“Channel 9 whose coverage of medalists from other nations continues to be disgraceful. A South African swimmer finishes equal third, its an Aussie clean sweep……I must congratulate the Kiwis on beating us in the Sevens final. (Channel) Nine sure as hell won’t”.