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Google PR updates and things

HouseFirstly here is a picture of my new (used) car that I purchased from the Internet auction site trademe here in NZ and my house in the background.

Things are going pretty well and I have a couple of people helping me out now on a casual basis. It will be a while before I can see if it has all been worth getting extra help but the additional productivity has been a welcome boost. It has also helped me focus more.

There appears to have been a Google PR update. To be honest I have long lost interest in the value of PR. It appears to only add value if you are selling links which is something I no longer partake in!

I think WN has gone back up to PR5. The site appears to alternate between PR4 and 5 these days. Traffic on the site is up and steady though but ebook sales have virtually come to a halt since the CNN boost in August.

As for me I have wheels now and off later to look for a surfboard and wetty so I can get out in the ocean again. Summer seems to be here now so its all good!