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Goodbye London Town – Goodbye broadband connection!

London Tower BridgeTomorrow morning I am moving out of my flat here in London and going back to my Mothers for a week or so before I head off to Bali to begin life as a working nomad. I guess it begins tomorrow when I have to give up my broadband connection and rely on my Mother’s creaky web connection (for which I am very grateful!).

I have been working quite hard on my web sites the last week or so. As I may have already mentioned NOT being connected to the Internet seems to be the key to productive web content making.

The sad truth is that I do spend too much time online. I think as a nation the UK is very well broadbanded up now and we all spend a lot of time surfing away. For me to limit my web time to an hour a day in a cyber cafe could be the key for bigger success and having more of a life!

When starting out you have to spend a fair bit of time online. You have to research which niche areas you want to focus on. You should investigate what people are typing into search engines. You must also check how much money you have made to give yourself a boost!

Hopefully a lot of the research is behind me now. I cannot emphasise the importance of checking out sites like webmaster world and reading up on all manner of subjects. There are some real experts on there! Use them. They might be geeks like me but they are very helpful.

A few people have mailed me for advice but I wish more people would. I love giving advice!! I might not be an expert but I can help people out and save them a lot of time and I am full of ideas!

If you have a question then click the “no comments” or “comments” link above and please ask away. This advice is free! The only thing I ask is that you keep in touch and tell me how you get on with your project or travels.

When a man is tired of London they are tired of life. What a load of old pony!