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Give your website visitors what they want and they’ll return

One good piece of advice is to see what your visitors have been searching on to find your site and give them what they want. So therefore I have a little Q&A below of genuine questions that have appeared in my keyword search referrals. It’s quite amusing how people can find your site!

Q. Bali belly how much weight did you lose?

A. After my ‘meat?’burger at Tubes Bar quite a bit seeing as I did not eat for three days. Its times like this you appreciate your own en-suite!

Q. Surfing in perhentian island?

A. Yes it is possible, but only during the monsoon momths of Nov – March. Bring your own board as well or your end up on a windsurf board like me!

Q. Cheapest place to retire to in Europe?

A. Hmm, I would say one of the Eastern European countries, perhaps Bulgaria or Romania.

Q. Travelling with no money whatsoever?

A. Not a good idea unless you want to end up like the foreign beggar on Silom Rd in Bangkok trying for his airfare home (or his flashy condominium rent).

Q. Impression of Switzerland?

A. Singapore minus the humidity.

Q. What is Singapore like?

A. Switzerland with humidity.

Q. Going to France to lose weight?

A. I cannot think of a worst country to go to! Try the UK or Finland (according to the soon to be ex-President Chirac of France who may have influenced the 2012 Olympic vote by declaring that British food is the worst in Europe apart from Finland, and apparently losing the support of the Finnish Olympic representative for the Paris bid. Ce la vie.)

Q. Best items to declare stolen when not?

A. Naughty naughty.

Q. How to collude playing online poker?

A. See above.

Q. What happens if you overstay your working holiday visa in australia?

A. Bad things so I’ve heard and that’s before they stamp you deported and ban you for x number of years.

Q. How to travel the world by working?

A. Now we’re talking!