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Getting ready for the next big WN trip overseas

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Winter is fast approaching, there is a chill in the air and the clocks are about to go back robbing us in the UK of another hour of afternoon light. This can only mean one thing to the Working Nomad. I’ll soon be off to lower latitudes.

I have actually been away three of the last four northern hemisphere winters so it is no surprise that I’ll be taking off again. At this stage the destinations are not fully known but I will be following the sunrise to the East.

I don’t know what it is about Southeast Asia that keeps me coming back but the network of contacts and friends I have out there is certainly one key factor. It surely has nothing to do with the cheap living, warm climate, laid back beach lifestyle and widely available Internet 🙂

I might do a full circle and come back via the Americas this time which will add a different twist to my usual winter escape. We will see.

Who was it who said ‘Wherever the wind take me I will be’? Me, just then.