Getting organised for my Cambodia / Vietnam trip

I have just realised that someone has lifted the best part of $300 (in crisp US notes) from my bag at some point since I have been away. This is despite the fact I always padlock my bag up before I leave my room!

Well in all my years of travel this is only the second time I have had stuff stolen. You may remember someone broke into Rusty Hoe last March.

The annoying thing is I had those dollars specifically to pay for the rest of the organised trip I am going on so I have to go and get more now, probably at a much poorer rate than I got back home.

I am getting my Vietnam visa over the next few days. I was planning on going to the Embassy myself but my hotel travel agent will do all the leg work for me for a small fee. That means I can concentrate on work and make back some of that stolen cash!