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From a misty San Sebastian

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I arrived in San Sebastian yesterday in a pea souper type mist rolling off the sea. This is a great place to hang out though and I managed a few hours of surfing this afternoon. I am leaving here for the UK in two days time.

There seems to be lots of Aussies here as well, no doubt attracted by the warm climate and the surf. Talking of Aussies I was very sad to read about earlier today. I really loved his style and enjoyed his TV programs and he will be missed around the World.

As I mentioned before I have had a http:article published travel magazine which is pretty cool! Hopefully getting the working nomad idea out there!

I am looking forward to getting back and working again after this two week break. The week at Valdelavilla was anything but a holiday though. We were basically teaching English from breakfast to the bar!

A few of you have emailed me about links for getting to 100 posts on the When I am back in the UK later in the week I will sort it out for you then.

This Internet cafe has no air con and I am going to faint any minute so catch up with you all soon.