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Freedom of location V Freedom of time

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Being a working nomad gives you freedom in two flavours; time and location. For me I am now experiencing more of the benefits of freedom of time after two years of going where I want.

In the early days back in 2004 when I first starting imagining working on a tropical beach somewhere with a laptop I only really considered the advantage of being able to work anywhere. That seemed to be the most attractive thing about this lifestyle.

Now that I am stationary and happily living in Auckland, NZ I am now really appreciating being able to work when I want. I think the reason for this sudden appreciation is living with 14 other folk who all have regular jobs with regular hours.

I think they believe I am very lucky to be able to choose my hours and take an afternoon off to go surfing if the waves are good, but am I lucky?

Perhaps it is hard for other people to appreciate the year or so I spent building things up, spending a lot of free time learning about the web and sacrificing my social life for very little money (the days of earning $5 a day).

Would I do it again? Well of course I would. It is still as hard to break into this business and make good money but the opportunities for those willing to crack on with things are not going to go away soon. More and more money is being spent online and more and more advertising revenue is available.

If you want a career where you are totally in control of your destiny then this takes some beating!

So I look back at those times when my weekend involved trawling forums for information and not having much social life with very little regret.