Finding it hard to get motivated these days

Little boy Kuta SunsetDont’t be fooled into thinking this little boy on Kuta beach tonight is a lonely soul. Behind him was about 50000 people, mainly from Java on their holidays!

So I am meant to be a working nomad. Well at the moment I am more nomad than working. There are plenty of distractions here in Bali, not least the daytime activities of surfing and sunbathing.

I am doing a little at night but it’s more catching up with email and checking stats than actually being productive.

This is turning into a passive income which sounds great but over time my earnings will slowly erode away. I am not having a bad month earnings wise but no where near as good as September.

So I need to motivate myself again. If there was one big challenge in this way of working and living its getting off my butt and working!