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Farewell New Zealand

Well after seven glorious weeks in this small country it is time for the Working Nomad to move on. I sold Rusty the other day to a charming young Canadian couple for $500. One guy saw it and offered me $200! The cheek.
This last week has been mostly spent in Christchurch’s excellent library doing research for new web site projects. Yes it is a bit of a dull way to end my time here but it has to be done. I will be back in tourist mode again next week in Melbourne.
The highlight of the trip to NZ was probably the second day of the Kepler Track over the mountain ridges of Fiordland. I have met some pretty wonderful people here as well and it always seems a shame to move on but that is the nature of travel.
This will be the third time that I’ll leave NZ and could well be the final time. I have so much of my own continent (and country) to explore! I think the focus will be on shorter trips away which, if all goes according to plan, will be related to my online work.
Travel has been well embedded into me and I am quite happy for it to be there. See you in Australia. <
<p>By the way here are some random pictures from the last seven weeks….</p>
<p><a href="">NZ Photos 2006</a></p>