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Earnings update for February with a sprinkling of inspiration

<p>I will never get tired of saying ‘it has been another record month’. It was a close run thing with January though. My web site earnings came in at just over GBP 1500 or USD 2700 which is fantastic (especially as it is only 28 days as well). </p>
<p>What makes this even better is that I have n’t done too much to the sites in February. Don’t be fooled into thinking that I earn money for doing nothing. Remember it took quite a bit of effort and research before I left the UK to be in this situation (with little return then!) </p>
<p>I am due back in Southeast Asia later in the month and will be putting my foot on the gas again. My web site traffic has been very consistent through Feb. but consistency is not enough in this business (or any business for that matter). Never stand still. </p>
<p>I am really into setting myself goals these days. When I get back to the UK in the summer I want to be earning GBP 500 a week from the Internet (I am 3/4 of the way there). This constitutes a decent living wage for me and will mean that I won’t slip back into the rat race!</p>
<p>I remember reading in the early days over a year ago that if you can’t see yourself succeeding then you often won’t. I did n’t honestly believe I could earn a living wage from the web back then.</p>
<p>At that stage I got a bit disillusioned with it all and did n’t feel I was getting the financial reward that my effort deserved.</p>
<p>What changed my mind set then? I continued to read the success stories of others and it really started to inspire and motivate me. I started to think if others can achieve this then I can.</p>
<p>I should stop now because I am sounding like one of those ‘motivation’ speakers at business events! I can see why they are so popular though. Maybe I could stage one focusing on earning from the Internet? Now there’s a thought…</p>