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Earnings report for May

I had a storming last week in May and it has been a record month for earnings, but only just. I made slightly more than I did in March coming in just under £1600 or USD$ 3010.

Looking at the value in USD I guess that I breaking the $3000 barrier is quite a milestone for me which is good motivation.

My new goal was to be earning £500 a week by the time I get home in July but I don’t think this is going to happen. June has seen a very quiet start and I’ll be doing well to match May.

Internet traffic goes down quite a bit in the US/Europe summertime and the Football World Cup will not help either!

I am not going to panic if my earnings takes a dive. I will be going home with more money in the bank than when I left London last October so the overall goal for this trip will have been achieved.