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Earnings report for July 06

Well I hinted that I’d had a good month and I was not kidding. My earnings from all things web for the month of July came in at just under £2280 or $4350.

It is particularly satisfying as I set myself &">this goal back in March that when I got back to the UK in the summer I wanted to be earning £500 a week from the Internet (which is roughly what I was earning in the corporate rat race before).

Well despite a very poor June I actually go there, probably more by luck than judgement as the summer is normaly pretty dead!

It was just a distant dream back in 2004 when I started all this web stuff that I could ever earn this much from the web and equal my salary from the suited and booted jungle. If it seems like a distant dream to you then I hope this make’s you realise it’s all possible.

The opportunities for earning a living from the web are greater than ever before so keep plugging away because you can make it happen.