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Earnings in my Absense

I’m just back from a fantastically debaucherous trip to Australia for my 30th birthday and am happy to report that my 3.5 weeks away had little impact on my income. There were a few direct link sales that expired in mid June that I haven’t been able to chase until now, but other than that things have been trucking along nicely.

I guess the main things to note are that my Adsense had its best month ever, largely due to the success of my new Living in London site which has sone really well despite not being totally finished.

One of my affiliate programs exploded, earning my a large chunk of my earnings which is a bit of a concern I guess because I want to diversify as much as possible. Other affiliate programs have been crap as usual but I’ll be looking to add some affiliated to my London site and if I can find some good matches I think I’ll be able to do well with this site. The trick is finding the right programs though, something I’ve never been too good at.

I’ve sold a few more links with TLA but at $7.50 per link per month it’s not as big an earner as I’d hoped. I’ve lost another Linkworth advertiser as well so am down to one with them which is annoying but an area I can work to improve.

So all up, my earnings came is at just over $750 which I’m more than pleased with. I’d still like to diversify more and definately want to get more affiliates performing for me because I still feel as though the money I’m earning could drop off very drastically with a few bits of bad luck.

This month I’ll be focusing on getting my London site finished, adding affiliates and boosting traffic. I haven’t done any link building at all for this site but it’s already pulling in a good number of unique visitors so I see some huge potential here.