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Earnings and budget report for March and thinking big

OK I know I said that March was not looking like a record month. Well it was in the end! The first two weeks saw me well down due to a collapse in visitors to a couple of my big earners.
For some reason unknown to me things went crazy in the last week with record visitor numbers across many of my sites. I have tried to investigate why this happened and I have found that the Yahoo search engine made some big changes to its index which may account for the spike.
So now for the figures for March. I earned a little over £1550 or $2800 from the web in this month. There were three more days in March than Feb so it would have been pretty even over all.
Now my spending and earnings since I left home last October. I am currently £700 better off than I was when I left England which I am pretty pleased about. I have spent a lot of money though for a backpacker. I worked out that I’ll be on my 14 flight on Saturday!
My first goal was to go home better off than when I left but now it is to go home with what I consider a UK living wage. I am starting to believe I can achieve this in a month or so and then I want to earn more than I did working in the corporate jungle.
I am realising now that if I set my targets higher I feel far more motivated. Motivation was an issue when I was striving for $20 a day and even recently I have had motivational issues. I am now thinking big and it is helping me to the next level.
Thinking big is something I remember reading on a while ago and it is one of the best tips out there.