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Earning Report for May – Cleared $1000!

I had a fantastic month in May and my earnings totally exceeding my expectations. I never thought I’b be able to earn this much this early but I’m pretty sure this great month is more of a blip than something that can be sustained yet.

Here’s the rough breakdown:

Adsense – $180
Linkworth – $40
Text Link Ads – $10
Affiliate Sales – $400
Direct Ad Sale – £200

One of my Linkworth advertisers pulled out for June but I gained 3 Text Link Ads to replace it. I’m a bit disappointed though with the TLA price. At $15/month per ad it’s hardly going to break the bank. Plus I thought that the $15 was what would be paid to me and it turns out that’s the price before TLA gets their cut. But it’s a start.

I’m happy to see my Adsense steadily creeping up. It seems from what other people say (WN included) that the money is in affilaite sales, but at the moment those fluxuate far too much so I like having Adsense and Linkworth as my steady base to grow on. I always have this fear that affiliate sales will drop to $0 so I guess it’ll take a few months of steady(ish) income before I trust that revenue stream a bit more. I probably said the same thing about Adsense when I first started with it.

For my affiliate sales, World Nomads came through again. One afiliate sale was a van rental which is an arrangement I’ve come to myself with a company. It earned me £50 and it’s not tracked by an affiliate program though so here’s hoping the company is honest! Hostelworld earned some lowly sum yet again and I had a few other van and travel insurance sales here and there.

June is off to a great start Adsense-wise but has been terrible so far for affiliate sales. If I can clear $500 I’ll be very happy. My hope is to be steadily earning at least $500/month by the end of the year. $1000 months will be more than appreciated but I’m not counting on them just yet.

That’s it I guess! Here’s hoping for a good June for us all! How’d you do in May?