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Changes in the digital nomad World

I has been nearly eight years since I first set off from the UK with a laptop and a dream. It seems more and more nomads are doing the same these days and with changes in technology, it has never been easier.

I thought it would be useful to see what’s changed over the last eight years and to illustrate how it’s easy it has become to follow this lifestyle.

The biggest change has of course been in technology and this is very much the main reason why living a working nomadic life is becoming easier.

Back in 2005 the only technology I had was a small laptop and a memory stick. I relied on Internet cafes to upload my work and to write blog posts and to be honest this worked pretty well.

When I go out to a coffee shop now I will have at least two bits of technology put of an IPad, smart phone and laptop and in theory I can work from any of these devices.

Additional pieces of equipment are solar powered chargers, mini keyboards and backup drives.

Connecting online has never been easier. Free wifi is available in many places and where it isn’t I usually have the backup of my smart phone with 3G Internet which I can tether to my other devices.

Also finding somewhere to rest one’s head has never been easier too. There are lots of options in terms of long term lettings that can be more useful than normal hotels or guesthouses.

I can only see it being easier in the future to be location independent and all I can say is bring it on!