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Digital Nomad news round-up

Have you considered your health while overseas?

One thing you shouldn’t neglect is your health, and it’s alarming how many digital nomads do so this but not having any travel or health insurance. There are options out there for the nomad which go beyond the usual expat insurance.


How about Cambodia as a Digital Nomad Destination?

Nestled in between DM hotspot countries of Vietnam and Thailand, Cambodia is probably moving as fast as any country in the region. Here is my take on working remotely from Cambodia. Also see below my youtube presentation on Cambodia.

What to do about Travel or Health Insurance?

One thing that should n’t ever be overlooked by digital nomads, or anyone going overseas, is health or travel insurance for digital nomads which is essential. Imagine renting a motor bike on a remote Thai island, and then being involved in an accident that requires medical evacuation. Without insurance, you could be looking at $30,000 plus in expenses.

Have you considered these five destintions for a potential break from working online?

Work from a Cell Phone?

Have you ever considered that it might be possible to work from your smart phone? Well I am going to prove this so!

OK so it’s home to Starbucks but there are many many other coffee shops in the city to work from. Check out our mini Seattle Digital Nomad coffee shop guide.

We have been looking closer to home at some of the destinations that would be good to work from. Bristol in England and the Welsh capital Cardiff are potentially good places to work remotely from and offer lots of activities and culture too, if that’s your thing!


Digital Nomad Travel News

Better access for Vietnam and Indonesia

Visa regulations for the countries of Vietnam and Indonesia have eased for many visitors from around the World. Indonesia is now visa free for many Western European countries including the UK and Germany. That means visitors can now stay in Indonesia for up to 30 days visa free. The visa is non extendable. Australia is a notable absentee from he list of countries.

Mean while in Vietnam restrictions have been lifted for a handful of countries wishing to stay for up to 15 days. These include the UK, France and Germany. Scandinavian countries where already on the list. Remember you still need travel insurance cover in these countries!

Get ESTA Visa Online.

Visit Spain because it’s always a good time to go!

Some Recent Posts

Kuala Lumpur as a working nomad destination?

KL, the capital of Malaysia, would seem like a good location for a digital nomad. Find out if working from Kuala Lumpur is a good experience or not.

Some other recent stuff….

Staying Healthy on the Road – Travel Insurance

Unless you want to end up with a potentially huge medical bill then you should always have adequate travel insurance not matter what age you are. I have met digital nomads on the road of all ages and I do worry for them if they haven’t taken out adequate cover, for example travel insurance for the over 80s for older travellers and backpackers.

You should always ensure you take out travel insurance cover before you leave your own country, because very few companies offer insurance once you have leave the departures. Typical medical bills in Southeast Asia can be as much as $600 a day, just for the room, and that’s before any treatment. Evacuation to a hospital with western standards can be $30,000 plus e.g. from Bali to Singapore or Bangkok.

So always have your health covered!