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Chopsticks, Nurses and Sharks

Petronas Towers - Previously the World’s Tallest BuildingsAfter years of attempting I still can’t get the hang of using chopsticks. I spent the other evening with three nurses from Ireland (shame, two were male) wrestling with my fried chicken and rice in KL’s Chinatown.

We went on to a nightclub called the Beach Club. Above the centre of the bar is a fish tank with two sharks swimming about. There has been quite a lot of discussion (among those who know the place) as to whether these poor beggars are real or not.

Well I can exclusively reveal they are real! The theory is that they are mechanical bacause if you watch them they follow the exact same path. The other night one decided to attack the other blowing away this theory.

Anyway I don’t know what was more depressing. Watching the sharks go crazy or the 100 or so Filopino sex workers plying their trade. I can’t really recommend the Beach club.

I fly back to Bali this afternoon and despite having only been away for a few days I am very much looking forward to being back there among friends.