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Long haul travel on the cheap!

If you are a long term traveller or digital nomad with time on your hands then flying the around the World does not have to be expensive if you are prepared to be flexible with dates and destinations. I recently flew from Sydney to London via Hawaii, Vegas, Mexico, Munich and Budapest on the cheap… Read More »Long haul travel on the cheap!

Downsizing to a Nomad

It’s truly amazing how much you can downsize when you put your mind to it. Going away on a nomadic trip for a few months provides a good reason to get rid of stuff you don’t really need or use. I have recently come back from a five month trip away and moved out of… Read More »Downsizing to a Nomad

Five reasons to quit your job

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Am I serious? You bet ya! There are many others out there quitting their jobs, downsizing, starting new businesses, living the dream, so why can’t you? Do you realise that one of the dumbest things is only getting paid for the time you work? So here are five reasons to escape the rat race. 1.… Read More »Five reasons to quit your job