Belated October Update

I’ve been pretty slack for awhile now. Not sure what’s gotten into me. It might be the fact that I can’t seem to break $100 with Adsense and I’m finding it discouraging. Same for October, earned about $95 with $5 coming through hostel bookings.

I know full well that Adsense isn’t the way forward but it would seem to make sense that adding more content and more sites would equal at least a bit of a jump up in Adsense earnings but that’s not really proving to be the case. There’s not a lot of things that are more motivating that seeing hard work pay off financially and so far that hasn’t been the case… although I have to admit that I haven’t really been working all that hard.

I might try a totally different approach for this month and focus exclusively on getting my new affiliate program oriented site ( going well. I really need to find more affiliates for Canadian and American travellers and I might even experiment with some Adwords promotion.

It will be difficult for me because I don’t have any interest in travel insurance whatsoever! We’ll see how it goes.