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Backpack, credit cards, passport and laptop

The laptop or notebook as it must be called now is definetly becoming more and more popular as a travel accessory with the intrepid World traveller.

I certainly thought that was the case in Southeast Asia but the same is true of New Zealand as well. I have a free wifi connection where I am staying so I am often sitting around the dining area of the hostel with my laptop. Quite often another traveller will come up to me and ask if I have a connection and then produce a laptop and share the bandwidth.

I posted the many useful reasons for travelling with a laptop before and I believe it is definetly worth the extra weight.

My main problem has been battery life with my current Dell Inspiron. Getting near an electricity point and being in a wifi zone is one of the biggest challenges the working nomad faces!

Perhaps if things continue to go well I might by one of the new Sony Vaios that promise 7 hours battery life. I’ll believe that when I see it!

So a minor annoyance for me is that I’ll be right in the mid