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Back in business mode

Hello from the Petronas Twin Towers here in KL. I am back in my favourite China Town hotel and hanging out at KLCC complex where I am back on free wifi access. I am so easily pleased these days!

I am probably going to be here all week as there is lots of work I need to catch up on. Although I can do a lot of stuff offline it is still easier when I am online. The problem with having web access all the time is that it is easy to get distracted!

I made one of my highest single commissions yesterday (almost £100) which meant that added to everything else it was a record day. I am now thinking of posting earnings reports every two weeks now as they seem to be some of my most popular postings. It will also help me keep focused.

I have been hanging out with people for what seems like ages which has been really nice but it is good to be back on my own again for now. I am probably heading to the Perhenthian islands to meet some people next week but until then it’s just me and my laptop.