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Back in Bangkok

Not much to report at the moment on the travel or websites front. I am back in this crazy city to meet up with a couple of people who I travelled with before so I am just hanging out with them at the moment.

It is very hot in Bangkok as April appears to be their hottest month. The Thai New Year is next week and for three days people go mad throwing water at each other.

This is becoming more sophisticated now with the use of water machine guns and ice cubes. I get the impression the Bangkok Thais take great pleasure in soaking the farang.

I will be around for maybe one day of this but then I plan to escape, probably to Malaysia for a working week in KL.

I had one of the worst days yesterday for earnings since I have been away but I have learnt not to be too alarmed with this anymore. Like all things there are peaks and troughs and good days and bad days.

What you need to focus on is how well you are doing over a month rather than a day. Funnily enough I find bad days quite motivating now!