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Another (much smaller) earnings report for April

Now that Webby’s chimed in with his inspiring earnings for the month of April I thought I’d fill you all in with my earnings too. Sadly, mine are nowhere near the mighty Webby’s, but I have had my best month so far – by about $3.50.

I earned $744 for the month with most of my earnings coming from selling a link directly to a company for £200. This works out to be about $400 US and without it my earnings would have been closer to $350. This amount seems to be a monthly average for me when direct link sales are taken away. I’ve got another link sale lined up for £200 so that’ll get me off to a good start in May but counting on direct link sales makes me a bit uneasy (especially since I hate sales!) so I’m going to work hard at increasing my other income streams including affiliates, Adsense, Linkworth and Text-Link-Ads.

Affiliate sales have also been pretty sporadic but I’m sure I can put more of a push on these and search for new programs so hopefully they’ll only rise over the coming months. I had my best month ever with Hostelworld but that still only adds up to $17 so nothing to write home about.

But overall I’m pleased. Traffic on my sites is slowly increasing and I’ve got a few things up my sleeve for